WTS Spruce Creek Condo 7FL6

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WTS Spruce Creek Condo 7FL6

Postby Angier Ames » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:11 am

We have a condo that will be available for purchase this year in Hawks Nest here at Spruce Creek.
The location is taxiway Tony at 1933 Country Club Drive.
7FL6 needs little in the way of introduction to our aviation community except to say
that as aviation fly-in communities go, it's hard to beat.

Contact me here or at 978-994-4564 for details.

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Re: WTS Spruce Creek Condo 7FL6

Postby Paul Miller » Wed Jan 03, 2018 10:28 am

I've stayed at Angier's place while I was working on the Legacy after I sold our house at Spruce. The nice differences between a house and a place like Hawks Nest: no pool maintenance to worry about and all the maintenance is handled by the condo association (painting, lawn maintenance, roofing (just replaced last year I think). The fees for Spruce itself are quite reasonable versus what we pay up north, a little over $100 per month for 24/7 security, taxiways, runways, common airport upkeep (runway just repaved last year). The condo HOA fees are additional of course but you get a hangar at your back door which is a huge "plus".

If I get back to Spruce I'd want something like Hawk's Nest, large hangar (with AC), quick access to the runway (60 seconds), no maintenance (exterior) and some smart people running the HOA with proper reserves. It is also a one minute walk from the golf course/country club and that has all the facilities for pool, restaurant and about one minute to the onfield restaurant Downwind Cafe.

Here is a shot from inside Angier's hangar (there were two Legacy aircraft in there) and it is a straight taxi to Cessna Blvd and the runway and the two fuel outlets.

Great place to be.
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