WTB Lancair ES

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WTB Lancair ES

Postby Jay Conlin » Fri Jan 05, 2018 1:17 am

I'm back in the market to purchase a flying ES. The only condition is that it be well constructed. I'm not overly concerned about the panel components as I currently have a new dual HDX panel with a Garmin 750 from SteinAir that was built for #052. Please let me know the details of what you have as well as your requested price?

I'm no stranger to the ES aircraft as I was the previous owner of #052 C-FXUZ which I purchased from Marcel Franche. Unfortunately it turned out to be unairworthy and poorly constructed ES. I purchased 052 sight unseen (I know lesson learned) and sunk 1.5 years of my time and money into it only to find out that my AME did not have an understanding of consept of delamination and composite construction. To say the least, after 1.5 years of work I was enlightened to the fact it was structurally unairworthy. I have also entered into a construction agreement with a talented builder named Dave McKight's which unfortunately did not work out. It is my hope that my next endeavour will result in a actual purchase of an airworthy aircraft.

Thank you in advance.

Jay Conlin
Jay Conlin
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Re: WTB Lancair ES

Postby Brad Simmons » Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:40 am

I sent you an email...

Brad Simmons
Airframes Inc.
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