WTS: IV-P TSIO-550, prop, access, wingtips and more

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WTS: IV-P TSIO-550, prop, access, wingtips and more

Postby Joel Skousen » Fri Jul 06, 2018 4:04 pm


IVP TSIO-550 engine, prop, and other parts for Sale as one lot or separately.

TSIO-550 E engine, mount, twin turbos and controller, with front nose gear still attached.
185 hours total time. All firewall forward accessories, including starter, alternator, dual Slick mags, turbos, intercoolers, oil cooler, airconditioning compressor, pressurization takeoff, engine monitor sensors, fuel flow transducer, heater valve, start and battery relays and controllers, aux power connector
New cost: Approx $120K asking $49k
Joel Skousen - IMG_0562 (1).JPG
Joel Skousen - IMG_0561 (1).JPG
Joel Skousen - IMG_0560 (1).JPG

MTV-9 3 bladed, heated prop, (model D/193-109) s/n 01070
New cost, $12K asking $6K
Joel Skousen - IMG_0559 (1).JPG

Front Leather Seats : $1800 new, asking $900
Joel Skousen - IMG_0565.JPG
Joel Skousen - IMG_0564.JPG

Top and Bottom Cowlings: Even if you have cowls, these completed ones will save you hundreds of hours work: asking $800 for both
Joel Skousen - IMG_0567.JPG
Joel Skousen - IMG_0566.JPG
Joel Skousen - IMG_0563.JPG

IV-P wing tips, with lights, antennas, complete: Asking $1000 for both
Joel Skousen - IMG_0568.JPG

Wing and Tail kit, still in crate: asking $9000
No Photo.

Wing fuel probes (long aluminum tubes): asking $100
No Photo

Package pricing: Total for everything above is $67,700. Will sell any of the parts above individually or all together but engine and accessories must stay as one package. Would prefer the prop stays with the engine as well. Will give a discount and preference to any buyer who wants to make me an offer for the entire package.

Condition: Except for the Wing/tail kit, these parts were salvaged from a tragic electrical fire on my almost completed Lancair IVP, which destroyed the cockpit area, rendering the fuselage and wing spars unusable. The propeller, cowls and seats were not on the aircraft at the time. Engine and nose gear is undamaged. Some minor heat damage to a few of the hoses near the top rear, closest to the firewall which would have to be replaced. Also, all sensor wires and control cables had to be cut at firewall to remove engine and accessories, and will need to be replaced---but still connected for ease of sorting them out. This completed firewall forward equipment and completed wingtips should save a builder lots of time and money, and could apply to other Lancairs other than the IV-P.

Parts are located at my hangar at Spanish Fork airport, Utah. I will crate and and prepare all items for shipping. Actual shipping costs to be paid by purchaser. [edit]All items are as-is, where-is.

Joel Skousen, Spanish Fork, Ut (KSPK)
801 367-5273, joel@joelskousen.com
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Joel Skousen
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Re: WTS: IV-P TSIO-550, prop, access, wingtips and more

Postby admin » Wed Jul 11, 2018 10:42 pm

Use Descriptive Titles in your Posts. Upload pictures because you can and probably have thousands to share.
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Re: WTS: IV-P TSIO-550, prop, access, wingtips and more

Postby Jon Kilberg » Tue Jul 31, 2018 9:57 pm

Is engine TT since factory new or rebuild? Who did the rebuild.
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