WTS: Lancair 235

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WTS: Lancair 235

Postby Justin DeStories » Fri Nov 23, 2018 7:20 am

Lancair 235
S/N: 219
Location: Mesa, AZ (Falcon Field Airport)
Accepting reasonable offers.

The following is broken down into aircraft sections/components/systems. All-in-all there is not much work that needs to be done to finish the airframe and then get it flying!!!

-Aft section of fuselage complete. Needs final prime and paint.
-Belly of aircraft roll primed. Needs to be sanded.
-Horizontal and Vertical Tail complete. Standard OEM tail.
-Added elevator trim tab (needs machined linkage which is in CAD-supplied)
-Simple mached up instrument panel. Can be modified in the CAD files that are included.
-Landing gears were swung manually and by the aircraft landing gear hydraulic system to check functionality. Fluids have been drained since then.
-Engine mount - dynafocal (included)
-LH rudder pedals installed. RH pedal assembly included but not installed (hardpoints installed to mount the RH pedals).
-Gear doors and actuators installed. Linkages, brackets, etc. included. Spares as well.
-Header tank complete
-Fuel pumps installed: RH wing fuel pump under RH seat, LH wing fuel pump under LH seat, boost pump mounted on firewall.
-Cowl complete/installed
-Spinner backplate included. No spinner cone.
-Canopy frame installed and on pivots with latches. Windshield has not been attached but has been cut to fit.
-Static port and lines routed to front.
-Andair fuel selector valve (Left/Both/Right/Off).
-Fuselage windows x2

RH Wing:
-Lower wing skin NOT installed.Only needs to be fuel sealed in the fuel bays.
-Belite fuel probe installed. Fuel probe module installed on access door of wing skin.
-Tie down fitting added.
-Inner and outer fuel bay. Outer fuel bay drains to inner bay.
-Wing has hinges located for aileron and flaps (hinges included)
-Wing fuel drains at each bay.
-Aileron bellcrank installed.
-Aileron and flaps not built but the skins are included.
-Wing root access panel with fuel pickup built in.
-Wingtip skin/cap installed.
-Fuel tank vent ports installed.
-Just needs some final sanding and cleaning.

LH Wing:
-Lower wing skin NOT installed.Only needs a few more steps and to be fuel sealed in the fuel bays.
-Tie down fitting added
-Inner and outer fuel bay. Outer fuel bay drains to inner bay.
-Wing has hinges located for ailerons and flaps (hinges included).
-Needs Belite fuel probe.
-Wing root access panel with fuel pickup built in.
-Minor things need to be done in order to finish the LH wing. It is as well almost complete.

-All control rods primered with yellow aircraft zinc chromate primer.
-Rubber Controls: Pedals and linkages are hooked up to rudder and move rudder
-Elevator Controls: Control rods and rod ends installed. Flight stick moves elevator.
-Aileron Controls: Control rods from flight stick to aileron tube installed and moves properly.
-Flaps: Flap electronic mechanism installed. Need wings to be completed before final control tube installation. I did have the wiring in to test the flap mechanism.
-Throttle: Control cable included. Hardpoints are added for routing of the throttle, mixture, and cabin air cables.

-Fuel Lines: All fuel lines from the outboard wing, stub wings, to fuel selector, to header tank. The header tank fuel line runs to where the engine gascolator is located on the firewall.
-Brake Lines: All lines are installed from the brake assembly to the rudder pedals.
-Gear Hydraulic Lines: All lines are routed and installed.

Currently Installed Antennas:
-Com antenna in vertical per plans
-Com (Bob Archer SA-002): In fuselage nacelle, rhs
-Antenna in horizontal per plans

Additional Mods:
-Magnetometer shelf in upper aft portion of fuselage
-Custom fuel flanges (lip is widened so fuel nozzle does not hit the fiberglass wing skin)
-Custom start to instrument panel (CAD files included to modify for final design).

-2D and 3D CAD models for aircraft layouts, instrument panel designs, machined parts, etc.
-An abundant amount of build photos. From when I got it throughout the years of building. They should show up in order by date. Most likely you will view them from oldest (top) to the newest (bottom of album). Will also provide other photos of Lancairs for build ideas that I have collected over the years..
-235 Manuals, Blueprints, Service Bulletins, 320 manuals for additional build reference information, etc.
-Indicators: Westach 4-In-1 engine indicator 3AQ4AS, Vertical Speed Indicator, Altitude Indicator, Suction Indicator, Airspeed Indicator, Directional Gyro
-Wiring: magnetometer, elevator trim, coax, landing gear, wing tip light
-Towbar, wing saddle jigs, wing clamp jig, canopy saddle jig
-4” Sabre SAE 1 prop extension, extra wheel hub and bearings, 2 extra pressure switches, blank data plate, experimental sticker, MAC electric trim servo x2, Ray Allen servo x1, trim switch, voltage regulator, 2 wooden flight sticks, carburetor bracket, building materials (last-a-foam, fiberglass last-a-foam, phenolic sheet, roll of fiberglass for fuel proofing bays, hysol, oil cooler, engine baffling, pitot mast, old fuel flanges, seat belts x2, seat cushions x2.
-Boxes of spares, components, extras, etc.

Engine NOT included. Separate owner.
Design On, Build On, Fly On
Justin DeStories
235 building
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Re: WTS: Lancair 235

Postby Justin DeStories » Wed Dec 05, 2018 5:21 pm

Updated in main post.
Design On, Build On, Fly On
Justin DeStories
235 building
Posts: 40
Joined: Sun Mar 29, 2015 11:03 am
Location: Mesa, AZ

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