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WTS: Carbon Fiber Legacy FG, Barrett TNIO-390X 324 TTSN

Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:57 pm

Offering my stunning 2009 Lancair Legacy FG to a good home. This beautiful Legacy was built by the forums very own Phil Sciuk, and it flys as good as it looks! The pictures speak for themselves! Typical cruise is 170kts - 175kts true at around 11gph down low. I hate to see it go, but… as the saying goes, I bought it when I was single!

Specs are as follows:

Airframe details
•Rare full carbon fiber airframe (stronger and lighter than the normally used e-glass) very few were produced for the FG's. Same as used in the RG model.
• Rudder, elevator and aileron trim
• Professional paint base clear with blue and silver accents under clear. (No painted hardware)
• 3M clear leading edge guard installed on wings and horizontal stabilizer.
• Adjustable rudder pedals both left and right
• Inflatable canopy seal
• Smoked tinted glass
• HID landing and taxi wing lights left and right side Wing tip double flash strobe and position lights
• Oregon Aero seat foam combined with grey leather accented with matching perforated leather for breath ability comfort and styling
• Heated seats
• Retractable seat belts
• Cabin heat with defrost

Engine and prop details
• Aero Composites propeller Aprox 324 TTSN
• Lycoming TNIO-390X Barrett factory new engine Aprox 324TTSN
• 1 Mag and 1 electronic ignition (PMag)
• Ceramic coated exhaust
• Tannis sump heater
• Two electrical systems with cross feed
• Carbon fiber plenum

Panel Details
Panel done by Aerotronics
• PS Engineering PS8000 audio panel hard wired for cell and music with marker beacon
• Garmin SL 30 nav com slaved to GI 106 indicator and EFIS
• Garmin GNS 430W GPS Nav Com slaved to GI 106 and EFIS
• Garmin 327 transponder + mode C
• GRT HX MFD with synthetic vision pilot side
• GRT HS MFD co-pilot side
• GRT EIS engine management system
• True Trak VS VG auto pilot switched to 430 or EFIS
• AOA advanced flight systems
• Guardian Co wired to alert EFIS
• Backup 2" steam gauges AS, T&B, ALT and VSI
• Davtron chronometer

This is a fixed-gear Legacy and turbonormalized. It has excellent economics and is much easier to insure for a beginning Lancair owner. I decided to go with this FG model when I first began researching Lancairs and this plane was simple to transition into, insure and operate. If you are looking for a fast, economical Lancair then check out the specs and call me with questions or post them here. If you need more pictures or data let me know!
[photos are being assembled--admin]
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Re: WTS: Carbon Fiber Legacy FG, Barrett TNIO-390X 324 TTSN

Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:30 pm


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