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WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Wed Sep 16, 2020 9:12 pm

LancairTalk is pleased to announce the second managed sale for a Lancair owner. It has just been listed in the Controller and phone calls have been steady. Don't miss out if you are looking for an ES-P.

Asking Price: call.

Summary:Fly high, fast and pressurized in this is Ron Gregory built 2008 ES-P (pressurized and air conditioned) Lancair. Normal flight planning is 210K true @ 17000-19000. This Lancair is an amazing aircraft and no expense was spared to create this safe single pilot IFR platform. It is docile, comfortable, pressurized, can fill 4 seats, has an terrific useful load and is insurable. Training and mentoring is available. The Lancair ES-P has an excellent safety record and fixed gear makes flying fast easier than ever. Everything is low time or recently overhauled and in excellent condition. The option list is impressive. Here are the highlights but you have to see the airplane and fly it to appreciate the work and expense that went into building this ES-P. Someone is going to get an excellent airplane with many dual and triple flight systems for reliable operations at low altitudes and also in the Flight Levels. Affectionately referred to as the "station wagon" of Lancairs, the ES-P can carry full fuel and family for weekends or long trips. The dual Garmin G3X is reliable and packed with features for Single Pilot ops.

  • Paint is 9/10
    Photo Jul 27, 12 24 02 PM.jpg
  • New interior by Monty
    Photo Jul 27, 12 26 29 PM.jpg
  • TSIO-550-E 550TT and 0.0 since IRAN by Barrett Precision Engines, Tulsa expected Jan-2021
  • Prop Governor overhauled 2018
  • Starter Adapter Overhauled 2018
  • Magneto 0.0 SOH (scheduled Jan-2021)
  • Nickle cylinders for improved corrosion resistance
  • GAMIjectors® improve fuel consumption and better LOP operation
  • Single SureFly electronic magneto plus standard magneto
  • Professional panel built by Aerotronics with full schematics
    Photo Feb 27, 8 26 56 PM.jpg
  • Dual G3X touch screens GDU 465 & 460 with XM, VFR WAAS GPS, reversion features
  • Dual ADAHRS
  • Triple AHRS
  • Connext® for direct connection to iPads
  • CAN Bus networked with single point SD Card updates of data and Garmin components
  • AOA angle-of-attack indicator built into panel
  • Garmin SL-30 nav/com with standby frequency monitoring
    file photo
    sl30.png (56.22 KiB) Viewed 6721 times
  • Garmin G5 ADI/HSI display with fully redundant autopilot & GPS approach capability
    file photo
    G5.png (62.55 KiB) Viewed 6721 times
  • GMC-507 Digital autopilot control head
    file photo
    gmc507.png (46.31 KiB) Viewed 6721 times
  • GTX-45R transponder NextGen ADS-B “Out”, dual-link ADS-B “In”, WX and traffic
  • backup battery
  • GA-57X Combo antenna
  • GTR-20 remote Garmin Comm and controlled on G3X touch screen.
  • Garmin GSA-28 autopilot servos fully integrated with G3X and updated with single SD card
  • fuel flow and fuel pressure transducers
  • GTN 625 WAAS GPS/MFD Certified IFR Navigator
    file photo
    gtn625.png (126.88 KiB) Viewed 6721 times
  • ADS-B in/out inflight WX and TFRs and much more
  • Dual Comms integrated with G3X touch screen ease single pilot operations
  • PMA-8000-SR Audio Selector Panel, High-fidelity Stereo Intercom, SIRIUS Satellite Radio
  • Dual trim controls and safety lockout
  • MT propeller MTV-14-D-C/C195-30B NEW Jan-2021 with deice boots, white and red tips
    Photo Jul 27, 12 22 12 PM.jpg
  • Lighted rocker switches
  • Speed brakes
  • Dual fire suppression Halon bottles for engine and aft equipment bay
  • Pulse lights
  • USB power outlets
  • 406MHz ELT
  • Built in Oxygen and panel display
  • Dual side sidesticks with fully featured controls for single pilot operations
  • Cabin and panel lighting dimmers
  • Annunciator panel
  • audio playback
  • Dual battery buss and alternators
  • Dual rudder pedals
  • Latest Lord recommended engine mounts
  • Condition inspection December 2019 Advantage Aviation KSLC, next scheduled Jan-2021 in conjunction with buyer's pre-purchase inspection.
  • Logs, work orders, schematics, FAA Bill Of Sale included in sale
  • GTOW 3800, Empty 2404 (GTOW corrected 13-Nov)
  • Fuel 105 gallons (added Jan 17-2021)
  • Air Conditioner, electric compressor in rear compartment, Lancair factory, 2-speed, excellent cooling on ground and in air.

The history of this ES-P is noteworthy. The original builder spared no expense and the options show the quality and detail. The current owner has retrofitted a dual G3X panel with complete IFR redundancy and capability, new interior and has cared for it and has decided to move up to the next airplane. Your opportunity for a pristine, pressurized, fixed gear, G3X Lancair is not going to last long.

This stunning ES-P sale is being managed by LancairTalk on behalf of the owner. LancairTalk is where owners and buyers and enthusiasts from all over the world can meet and learn about flying, building and maintaining Lancairs. Please Contact Paul Miller for full details and appointment to inspect. LancairTalk's goal is to promote and facilitate transactions where it can help buyers find wonderful Lancair aircraft, training, insurance, mentor pilots, parts and all the resources needed to fly safely and efficiently.

Photos of the ES-P are provided by the owner. Some of the avionics photos are file photos for clarity. Refer to the Work Orders, log books and schematics for interconnections, serial and model numbers and always perform a thorough and detailed inspection of any aircraft you are buying. If you don't see what you need please call or email and ask for it. Good luck and call anytime to discuss this listing, ask questions or talk about a purchase. There is no limit to the information you should have prior to making any decision and the best owners are the ones who ask a million questions and know their Lancair inside and out.

More pictures and details will be added to this listing.
Photo Jul 27, 12 31 58 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 27, 12 23 49 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 27, 12 20 56 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 27, 12 20 26 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 29, 4 29 52 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 11, 1 03 18 PM.jpg
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Re: WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Sat Sep 19, 2020 8:02 pm

Another example of the quality and paint finish.
Some of parts included in the sales are sun protection screens, tow bar and parking kit.

Re: WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Tue Sep 22, 2020 10:35 am

How much time on the airframe/engine? Asking price?

Re: WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Tue Sep 22, 2020 12:48 pm

I'll confirm but engine and airframe at 550TT. The TSIO-550 had the Barrett IRAN 145 hours ago for a turbo issue that caused metal. It has been fully overhauled except one or more fuel components so it can't be called Overhaul I'm told. Everything is "more than pristine" said my visitor from Atlanta who viewed it yesterday. I was given some of his shots so I'll add them to the topic shortly.

Re: WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Tue Sep 22, 2020 3:57 pm

A few more pictures from yesterday's visit.

Re: WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Tue Sep 22, 2020 7:23 pm

I have flown in this plane but bought another because the owner wasn't quite ready to sell and my knees hit the instrument panel (I'm 6'3"). It is excellent and it is a very fast ES-P. A solid 15 knots faster than the plane I bought with the same wing, prop and engine. Owner is a good dude too. Panel is sweet.

Re: WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Tue Sep 22, 2020 8:20 pm

I did not search but didn’t someone put adjustments into the seats?

Re: WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Sat Sep 26, 2020 9:12 am

This ES-P has Lancair HIGH-G seats. That is now being added to the original post.

Re: WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Thu Oct 01, 2020 1:25 am

Very pleased to say that LancairTalk has assisted with the sale of this gorgeous ES-P and the aircraft is now under contract pending final inspection and closing. Thank you everyone for supporting the sales assist project.

In the next weeks I'll be meeting with the new owner and I have recommended a LOBO instructor to carry out the initial training and we're coordinating schedules now. Having all of the people and services here made the job of getting a new owner into a Lancair for the first time very easy.

Now that he is buying this plane, I'm sure he'll need a spare O2 bottle, aircraft jacks and a EarthX battery! :D

Re: WTS: beautiful ES-P with AC, Dual G3X and much more

Sun Oct 18, 2020 10:25 pm

This stunning ES-P is available again. Please call for details. It was under contract but the insurance industry once again has trashed the ability of able people with proven skills to obtain a policy. And, once again, there is no reason or explanation. That is a topic for another day.

This ES-P remains one of 19 flying. Everything is in perfect shape, a clean title search is in hand, escrow is already open, training, inspection and everything else is already arranged. All the people who were miffed when it was taken off market can have a second shot.

GTOW is 3800 and empty is 2404. The IFR and xpndr checks are current. More pictures coming soon.
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