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WTS: Oh my! A mint IV-PT comes to market on LancairTalk

Thu Dec 31, 2020 3:40 am

This is an exclusive listing for LancairTalk. This stunning IV-PT is coming to market for the new year. Outfitted with every feature, an 8-year build totalling 15,000 documented hours under the eyes of Transport Canada this is a gem. Be prepared for a terrific 2021 as we see some exceptional Lancairs coming to market like this IV-PT.

The advertisement will be coming to Controller in the next edition and here in LancairTalk as soon as I organize the massive list of features. There are 2GB of photos documenting every step of the construction. Not only does it have dual G900X, it has a backup G3X and Garmin autopilot. Dual buss of course. The M601D is overseen with Auto Start, Auto Fuel leveling, Anti Flameout Protection, Overspeed protection including beta operation and the airframe carries a tanker load of 188g of fuel capacity. The paint is flawless and it has the Garmin GTS 800 incredible traffic system. Nothing spared. The airplane has gone through an rigourous test and flight training program and now has 70 hours total time.

So if you are interested: "Squawk IDENT" below in a reply and ask your questions. You can't get a hand-made pressurized rocket like this anywhere else. Standby for further clearance!
Photo Credit Mike MacKinnon (Calgary) who graciously allowed us to his gorgeous photos for marketing purposes. Thanks Mike. More pictures coming!

Re: WTS: Oh my! A mint IV-PT comes to market on LancairTalk

Sat Jan 02, 2021 11:15 pm

Beautiful! Can’t wait for the full details,

Re: WTS: Oh my! A mint IV-PT comes to market on LancairTalk

Sun Jan 10, 2021 12:11 pm

Michael, If you are truly interested in this aircraft, give me a shout. A IV-PT like this is a big financial commitment and it will require a plan for training and prior insurance approvals.

It’s important to keep in mind- this is a TURBINE powered, high altitude, long range, high speed aircraft. It is not a powerful bonanza. I contend that any aircraft that compete with it will require a larger financial commitment, and have similar insurance requirements. It is, simply and awesome airplane, but not suitable for the masses.

When valuing it, I think it should be compared to the EVO, TBM and M600. It’s a bargain.

Re: WTS: Oh my! A mint IV-PT comes to market on LancairTalk

Mon Mar 29, 2021 2:06 am

LancairTalk is extremely pleased to announce a SALE PENDING status on this stunning IV-PT. There have been a lot of inquiries on all the Lancairs for sale here but this beautiful airplane generated many hours of phone calls. It took a long time to work through all the features and help prospective buyers with issues like hangar, insurance and training and there were more than a few ready to move forward. But, first-come, first-served is the way it works here and we now have a buyer with a deposit and agreements in circulation. That means this aircraft has price agreed to and goes off-market while the lucky buyer gets time to perform all of the due diligence over the next few weeks.

We did a lot of work to compare this aircraft with other aircraft clients wanted to look at. Using flight plans for typical missions we developed profiles for trips and highlighted things like pax capability, max range, fuel reserves at destination, CG issues, Gross Weight limitations, avionics, training options and insurance of course. LancairTalk will be assisting this client on getting the best rate possible using our proxy method for insurance quotes. LancairTalk will not let buyers get blocked or registered from getting competitive quotes by certain insurance brokers or underwriters.

We also spent time comparing with other aircraft regarding engine reserves, maintenance costs, fuel burns, typical trip costs, training costs, database fees and lots more. The people who do their homework know this airplane has very few equals in a single-engine airframe and certainly none at this price point.

Here are a few of the features on this Lancair.

  • Carbon Fibre
  • VR601 TSLM: features temperature limiting auto-start
  • BETA limiting
  • AFO – anti-flameout
  • VR Avionics AFL (auto fuel leveling)
  • VR Avionics prop heat controller
  • G900X dual screen, dual GIA 64 WAAS Nav/ Com units with 16 Watt transmitting power
  • Triple AHRS/Air Data Computers - GSU 73- GSU 25- GRS 77 /GDC 74
  • Dual GMU 44 magnetometers
  • All GARMIN LRU’s are independently powered via a dual bus
  • TCAS GARMIN GTS 800 with dual four pole antennas
  • ADSB out GTX 33 ES
  • ADSB in GDL 39R
  • Dual GTP 59 OAT temp probes
  • 3-Axis (3 GSA28 servos) AP features with “ ESP” function and auto levelling button
  • Audio panel
  • G3X Touch
  • GMC 307 autopilot – full 3 axis
  • Electric trim – pitch, roll, yaw
  • Infinity Control Stick
  • Lancair Switches (Boost Pump, Start, Generator, Transfer Pumps L,R, Batt 1, Batt 2, Cross-Tie, Av
    Master, Vent, Pitot Heat, Prop Heat, FlowPac, Landing Lights, Nav Lights, Strobe Lights, Autopilot
  • Pressurization Controls – setting gauge, pressure gauge, dump switch
  • Gear Switch (panel top)
  • Flap Switch (panel bottom)
  • Isolate Switch (safety type)
  • annunciations are shown on the VR Display. The G900x and G3x have a a Master warning light
    connected to the G3X Master Alarm Light (panel top)
  • USB charging port
  • VPX Pro
  • Triple GPS Waas
  • Garmin Pitot / AOA
  • ELT switch & alarm
  • Defrost vents
  • current IFR pitot/ static certification with a leak rate of < 100 ‘ at up to 30,000’

  • Electrical system is dual buss with Generator and Lamar GC 11 GCU on bus 1 and a B&C 20 AMP
    alternator with B&C LS 1 regulator on buss 2
  • Cross tie contactor connects the buss 1 and buss 2.
  • Circuit Breakers protects buss 1 and VPX - Pro controls buss 2
  • Dual 24V batteries
  • External GPU connection (with cover)
  • Electric Flaps controlled with VPX Pre-select

    Air Conditioning
  • Engine driven
  • Condenser (below baggage compartment)
  • Evaporator (above / behind rear seat)
  • Overhead vents (front and rear)

  • Aveo interior lights
  • XE Vision XV-19 HID lights (2)
  • Aveo strobes / position lights (wing tips, tail)
  • Panel back-lighting
  • Switch back-lighting

  • Main gear disassembled and overhauled
  • Nose gear strut overhauled and updated by Lancair
  • Nose gear doors – carbon fibre
  • Main gear doors – extreme stiffening
  • New main tires (Goodyear)

  • Walter M601D EXP Turbine engine, 740HP Max(5 minutes), 657HP continuous
  • 63 hrs. since IRAN
  • Upgraded & Overhauled FCU (Jihostroj) with warranty
  • Prop Hub IRAN by Dimech
  • Prop Governor Overhauled (Jihostroj) with warranty
  • Avia Props: 3 blades matched by Avia (1 < 100 hrs, 2 at 63 hrs)
  • Prop De-Ice
  • Prop Balanced
  • EPA can
  • High Temp ablative firewall coating

  • All panels fully removable (incl. overhead)
  • Two tone grey with French stitching
  • Silver seat belts
  • Front seat belts: 4 point inertial reel
  • Covered halon fire extinguisher
  • Covered emergency Oxygen
  • Front seats have lowered carbon fibre base for more head room

  • Front: 3 jack connections – pilot, co-pilot
  • Rear: 3 jack conns. Each side

  • Dukes Outflow
  • 2 gauge panel controls
  • Flow Pack driven
  • 5,500’ cabin at FL 190

    Fuel System
  • 188 gallon, fully calibrated
  • Fuel probes all tanks
  • AFL (auto fuel leveling)
  • Baggage, Belly, Left Wing act as 1 Tank
  • Transfer pumps to Engine on both Wings (with check valves)
  • AFL controlled by VRX
  • Header tank with air vent and filter
  • Full time Boost Pump

  • New style inlet (similar to TBM)
  • Engineered ducting and plenum
  • NACA duct for oil cooler and air cooler
  • Bottom vents (2)

  • Teflon inner, stainless braided exterior (brakes & hydraulics)
  • High temp. for oil (heat covered also)

  • No scratches or marks, flawless

    Flight Testing, Training
  • aircraft and systems were so well made and functional that the first test flight was 2 hours long
  • Chris Rust pilot
  • 25 hrs test flown. (Canadian requirement)
  • Type Rating required in Canada for all Lancairs

    Wing Tips
  • Freidel tips (German design)
  • Improved handling, cruise, stall

Re: WTS: Oh my! A mint IV-PT comes to market on LancairTalk

Tue Apr 20, 2021 6:50 pm

This aircraft is now back on the market. The inspection and flight and all of the specifications are in good order. You can see Peter's review and reasons for postponing purchase in his note on this topic (link coming).

I'm posting some more details of the construction. I expect another deposit shortly and if that occurs, the aircraft will again be off-market so the buyer can perform due diligence and investigate all of the issues of training, insurance, maintenance and be able to properly assess if this aircraft is the right plane.

Re: WTS: Oh my! A mint IV-PT comes to market on LancairTalk

Tue Apr 20, 2021 7:34 pm

More pictures of this beautiful Lancair.
DSCF1973 (1).JPG

Re: WTS: Oh my! A mint IV-PT comes to market on LancairTalk

Thu Apr 22, 2021 11:52 pm

This aircraft is still available until a deposit and agreement is received and accepted. If you are interested, the price has been adjusted for the major change in exchange rates and is still at builder's cost. It represents a terrific value for someone who wants an expertly built IV-PT with all the features and the largest fuel load possible at 188 gallons. Attached in Peter's recent review of the airplane. Call or PM for more details.
PCraig review C-GSEM Lancair IV-PT.pdf
(397.16 KiB) Downloaded 56 times
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