WTB: Lancair Gear minder

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Re: WTB: Lancair Gear minder

Postby Nidal Robb » Tue Mar 09, 2021 11:28 am

Eric Miller wrote:[
I bet Nidal could reverse engineer it, different pressure sensors, but fundamentally simpler than his landing gear controller

Thanks for the mention Eric.

This system is already available. Link below. The unit has a Pitot/Static differential pressure sensor to get the airspeed. It includes hookup to the Gear Switch to detect the status of the Gear Switch and includes our audio system similar to the Landing Height system.

The entire board is done and in stock, but to get it back to a simpler setup, just a new firmware is needed.

The new firmware removes the Landing Height System portion, so no LIDAR is included. And removes the Gear Safety airspeed switch portion (the built-in SSR to disable power sent to the High-side Pressure switch at low airspeed) and removes the 2nd built-in SSR which divert power to the pump-low side in the event the auto-extend feature is enabled.

So basically the board is stripped to Gear Switch detection, Airspeed detection and audio-output to the Audio panel.

Or it can be used as it is with the full features:
While Gear Switch is Down; the Landing Height System is active for callouts
While the Gear Switch is up; Power is only sent to the Up Pressure switch when airspeed passed a set number and optional auto-extend if speed reached a set speed with the gear still up and after several callouts. Even without using the auto-extend feature which can be disabled, the “Check Landing Gear” audio message keeps playing if the speed reached a set speed with the gear switch still at up position.

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Nidal Robb
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Re: WTB: Lancair Gear minder

Postby Eric Miller » Tue Mar 09, 2021 8:32 pm

FYI The GearMinder has 5 warnings
Gear Up Landing Warning: "Put Gear Down Now" (speed settable)
Early Gear Warning: "Put Gear Down" (Gear warning Speed +10)
Gear Still Down Warning: "Put Gear Up"
VLE Warning "Put Gear Up Now", (122 KIAS) and
"Gear Fault" (Gear in transition (all 3 gear not in same state) > 10 seconds)

and 2 information messages:
"Gear is Up"
"Gear is Down"
also "Thank You" if this followed a Warning message

I thought it also prevented the gear from retracting if below 50, but may be mistaken.

User manual attached.
GearMinder User Manual 1_1.PDF
Gear Minder User Manual
(18.94 KiB) Downloaded 45 times
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