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WTS: 320/360 Kit MK II CF stab and engine

Wed Feb 17, 2021 6:44 pm

Lancair 320/360 Kit for sale with MK II carbon fiber stabilizer and forward hinged canopy
NOTE: Engine is sold. Complete kit remains for sale

From owner Patrick Redig: Here’s a rare opportunity to acquire at a terrific price a Lancair 320 project – one of the Lancair originals and regarded by many as the coolest, sleekest and most affordable high speed aircraft available. The project is at a relatively early stage of development leaving wide open the opportunities to complete and appoint to your particular taste. I’m past the years in my life when I can reasonably expect to build and fly this magnificent aircraft and I am keen to move it out of my shop and onto someone who will take it over the finish line.

This is an entire, updated kit (pre-fast build) and includes all molded components, some partially assembled, along with every piece of hardware (e.g. control sticks, weldments, tubing, cable, fuel pumps, linear actuator for the flaps, hydraulic pump, and more), AN hardware (fittings, nuts, bolts, screws, rivets) and a supplementary builder’s hardware kit, that were part of the original kit (see inventories in documents section). In addition, the enlarged Mark II tail (stabilizer, elevators, long engine mount – dynafocal 30o – and the extended cowling) are part of the kit (see photos). The original tail assembly and short engine mount and cowls are also part of the kit. In addition, the hardware package for the forward hinged canopy was added to the kit components. At this point, none of the structures have been “closed out”, so all parts and workmanship are available for inspection (see photos). All BID schedules and adhesive specifications were scrupulously followed throughout construction. All parts are in acceptable condition and have not been damaged or abused. The project may qualify for the 51% rule and be eligible for a Repairman’s Certificate. Builder’s log and various receipts for components are available.
This is Lancair 320 kit Number 277, purchased by me in May 1988. I am the sole and only owner of this kit and it has been in my possession since delivery. For the duration of that time, whether under construction or in storage, all kit components have been maintained in a heated workshop at no less than 40 degrees F.

The project is located just north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

Contact sales@lancairtalk.net (paul miller 406-873-8311) for information or purchase arrangements.

Pricing: Airframe and hardware $19,500. Transportation to the buyer's account.
Wings in storage cradle.jpg
Wing Tips.jpg
Wing components in storage cradle.JPG
Trim Switches.JPG
Trim Hardware.JPG
Tie-down Rings.JPG
Threaded control rod tips.JPG
Tail with rudder fin and carbon tail.JPG
Tail Assembly.JPG
Stab tip interior.JPG
Stab Inspection Card.JPG
Stab halves, bottom skin reflected.JPG
Stab - middle bay.JPG
Stab - all parts in place - not bonded.JPG
Sorted AN nuts, bolts, t-nuts etc.jpg
Side windows in original packaging (unopened).jpg
Side View showing carbon tail.JPG
Short mount, nose gear strut & cowls.jpg
Seat Pans.jpg
Rudder Pedals, gear donuts, misc. hardware.JPG
Root view with rear spar attach bracket.JPG
Root interior, forward view.JPG
Root end, bottom skin reflected.JPG
Root end ventral view.JPG
Rod Ends.JPG
Right gear strut.JPG
Right gear linkage assembly.JPG
Right gear hydraulic cylinder.JPG
Rear View.JPG
Outer end with bottom skin reflected.JPG
Outer end ventral view - note fuel vent.JPG
Original Canopy Latch Hardware.PNG
Nose Wheel and Mounts.JPG
Nose gear linkage & micro switch.JPG
Nose gear cylinder-1.JPG
Looking into rear of fuselage.jpg
Long mount and cowling.jpg
Linear actuator components for flaps.jpg
Left gear strut.JPG
Lead weights for elevator.JPG
Lancair - front left viewLancair compressed.jpg
Lancair - front left view.jpg
Interior left tip with stamps of authenticity.JPG
Interior forward looking.jpg
Instrument Panel Blank .jpg
Inside view toward tail.jpg
Inside view toward nose.jpg
Inner gear door control horn.JPG
Header Tank.jpg
Foward hinged canopy hardware.jpg
Flap_Aileron Skins - interior.JPG
Flap, rudder, trim hardware.jpg
Firewall as viewed from right side.JPG
Elevator halves with trim tab actuator.jpg
Control weldments, flap bellcranks.JPG
Canopy - medium gray with protective covering.jpg
Brake cylinders, sequencing valves, gear micro switches.JPG
AN Fittings.JPG
Aileron Bell crank.JPG
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Reason: engine sold

Re: WTS: 320/360 Kit MK II CF stab and engine

Wed Feb 17, 2021 6:46 pm

Contact me for a link to a dropbox with more files and photos and documents. A lot of work went into this listing by the owner so thank you for being detailed and meticulous in recording the kit, maintaining it and the engine. This is a fabulous kit for someone with time to complete it. good luck.

Re: WTS: 320/360 Kit MK II CF stab and engine

Fri Apr 09, 2021 5:09 pm

Confirming this kit has both the long and short engine mounts included.

Re: WTS: 320/360 Kit MK II CF stab and engine

Mon May 03, 2021 3:43 pm

After a number of weeks of preparation we have an inspection going on for this engine and perhaps the kit will be part of the package. Good luck!

Putting all the details and photos and logs for the prospective buyers to review really helps. Keep that in mind if you are selling your Lancair...get as much digital data as you can.

Re: WTS: 320/360 Kit MK II CF stab and engine

Sun May 09, 2021 11:52 pm

Engine has been sold separately by LancairTalk. This fabulous kit remains available with both engine mounts.
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