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Buy, Sell. List your kit, plane, parts, tools, jigs, mounts, engines, avionics and things that can be used by others (or if you need specific items). As of April 1, 2018 all Classified are paid listings. There are options for listings on LancairParts.store and LancairsForSale.com depending on parts, aircraft or kits for sale. WTB ads are free. Contact admin for more information.

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WTB(Want to Buy) ads are free. WTS(Selling) ads have a fee to support this site. List your kit, plane, parts, tools, jigs, mounts, engines, avionics BUT YOU MUST INCLUDE A PRICE. A fee of 1% of asking price per month applies but that is capped at $25 maximum monthly. Example $300 part is $3. An airplane would be $25.
Contact admin for more information. Make your payment directly using the PayPal button. Thank you!
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Legacy RG for Sale 10:1, Barrett, AC and more

Thu Feb 18, 2021 6:14 pm

Legacy for Sale. Assisted sale by LancairTalk. Details loading up tonight. Price $209,000.
Weight and Balance N169BZ 2-jul-2020.pdf
(406.75 KiB) Downloaded 76 times
2020-12-31 10_51_34-DSC_0445.JPG – Mozilla Firefox.png
2020-12-31 10_51_10-DSC_0462.JPG – Mozilla Firefox.png
2020-12-31 10_50_29-L1070320.JPG – Mozilla Firefox.png
2020-12-31 10_50_02-L1070319 (1).JPG – Mozilla Firefox.png
2020-12-31 10_49_29-L1070312.JPG – Mozilla Firefox.png
2020-12-31 10_48_13-L1070275.JPG – Mozilla Firefox.png
2020-12-31 10_47_46-IMG_1045.jpg – Mozilla Firefox.png
2020-12-31 10_47_17-L1070303.JPG – Mozilla Firefox.png
2020-12-31 10_46_26-L1070304 (2).JPG – Mozilla Firefox.png
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