WTS:Lancair IV Kit Ready for Completion $129,000

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WTS:Lancair IV Kit Ready for Completion $129,000

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:32 am

Lancair IV Kit, all major structural work done. Factory closed wings. Tons of options and features. Just add your custom panel, engine, prop and paint and a couple of high-capacity turbochargers and you will be moving at turbine speeds. The last IV sold in December 2020 here displayed 293 KTAS in the flight levels.

The owner put a lot of work into this project, is now retired and says it is time for younger hands to get it flying. All parts and hardware are included and in excellent condition. All original receipts and build manuals are included. The wings were closed out at the factory.

Here are some features:

  • Upgraded all windows with .250” P-model windows
  • Quick Build Cabin door with door seal pump
  • Optional dorsal fin installed
  • Continental engine mount
  • 4 Barry high temp Engine mounts for Cont. IO/TSIO 550 or (520)
  • Optional retractable step
  • Optional internal rudder control
  • Optional extended fuel 55gal ea wing
  • Locking Fuel caps
  • Fuel quantity probes (2) 11’ 4” Electronics International
  • Speed brake pockets installed with cover plates for future speed brake install
  • Wings, flaps, ailerons and wing tips finished and painted
  • Fuselage belly finish sanded and ready to paint including main gear doors
  • All trim tabs fabricated with 3 Ray Allen actuators, switches, and indicators included
  • Rudder and elevators closed and ready for finish
  • Rear seat bottom and back panels fabricated
  • Baggage compartment panels and bulkhead fabricated and installed with nut plates
  • Overhead console/vent system installed
  • Gear doors finished and installed
  • Hyd gear and flap systems plumbed and installed
  • Fuel sys plumbed and installed
  • Brake sys plumbed and installed
  • All flight control push-pull tubes fabricated
  • Rudder cables and internal rudder control installed
  • Cowling fitted
  • Firewall, wheel wells and all areas exposed to oil or hyd fluid were painted with fuel tank sealant
  • Old style cable operated speed brakes (used and operating condition unknown) include
  • New engine baffle kit for IO550
  • New stainless steel exhaust system with heat muffs
  • Location: WA state

The builder is a 50-year A&P and 30-year IA. Quality and attention to detail are obvious from the care and dedication to this project over the years. Everything has been preserved and and documented. The owner attended the factory for 2 weeks to close out the wings at $4,000 per week back then. Additionally, there were extra fuel bays inserted at $1500 each for 55 gallons per side.

There should be no further fibreglass or composite work required reports the owner. The belly of the IV is ready for paint. All control rods (except ailerons) have been fitted and removed only for painting. The aileron rods cannot be cut until the wings are attached.

The step has been built which takes a lot of hours. The pockets for the speed brakes were built in and cover plates are provided. The pictures show the old style cable operated speed brakes, not included with the original kit but offered here as part of this package. Some modification to the pocket might be required to use the old style cable units. The pockets are designed for the newer style speed brakes but those are not included. You can leave them out of course and use the cover plates. If you don't want these speed brakes we will discount appropriately and sell them elsewhere.

Included is a brand new $tainless $teel exhaust system and mount for a Continental.

This is a perfect opportunity to take a rare IV kit and continue the build for panel, engine, prop and paint.
Wing TE Gap Seals.JPG
Wing Bolts.JPG
Wing Ail Bellcrank Access.JPG
Whelen 3Pos Nav-Strobe Kit.JPG
Wheel Well.jpg
Wheel Well 2.jpg
SS Exhaust IO550.JPG
Speedbrake Pocket Covers.JPG
Rudder Trim.JPG
Rudder Pedals-Gear Flap Control.jpg
Right Side.jpg
OldStyleCable Operated SPDbrakes.JPG
O'head Vent-Aft.JPG
O'head console-vent.JPG
O'head console Plates.JPG
Misc Parts2.JPG
Misc Parts1.JPG
Misc Part3.JPG
Micro Switches.JPG
LG Pressure Switch.JPG
LG Flap Handles.JPG
Left Side.jpg
Left Side FWD.jpg
Landing Gear Box.jpg
Internal Rudder.JPG
InstrPanel Inserts.JPG
Hyd Control Face.JPG
Glare Shield.JPG
Gear Doors Finish Sanded-Primed.jpg
Fwd Belly Finish Sanded-Primed.jpg
Fuel Quan Probes EI.JPG
FltCntrl PushRods.JPG
Eng Mnts 550.JPG
Elevators W-Tab.JPG
Elevator Trim With Switches-Indicators.JPG
Elevator Access Covers.JPG
Cable Hardware.JPG
CabinDoor Seal.JPG
Baggage Fwd.jpg
Baggage Door.JPG
Bag Door Hinges.JPG
Baffle Kit IO550.JPG
Back Seat Looking Aft.jpg
Aileron Trim2.JPG
Aileron Trim.JPG
Aileron Trim Tab-Extras.JPG
Aileron Tab.JPG
Aileron CntrWeights.JPG
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Re: Lancair IV Kit Ready for Completion

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Thu Feb 25, 2021 11:21 pm

This listing for the IV Kit is now 98% complete. Owner has one or two more pictures and some further explanation to add. I think the owner did a wonderful job in providing photos and excellent inventory of what is included. The work effort is indicative of the work that went into the kit. The materials here will allow people all over the world to see what is for sale. Questions here or call anytime.
Call for more information or email
US: 406-873-8311
Canada: 587-432-7536
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LancairTalk Sales
Posts: 336
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