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WTS: Lancair IV-P N89GG $329,900

Sat Feb 27, 2021 8:39 pm

Photo Feb 25, 6 26 23 PM.jpg
This is a nice Lancair. The owner of this low-time IV-P has prepared a lot of material to help buyers make an informed decision. Other sellers and agencies should take a page from this book on how to present their airplanes.
Photo Feb 25, 6 24 33 PM.jpg

We still have more pictures and data to upload but since I posted the airplane in Controller there are a lot of people asking to start a review.
Photo Feb 25, 6 24 14 PM.jpg

First, everything works. It has AC and the engine was fully overhauled by Barrett only 200 hours ago. The panel is Chelton (with spares) and is a solid IFR panel that does not require anything to fly today. Cheltons are older but completely solid and reliable. Of course, you can update the panel but you don't need to. You can fly away and have another 1000 hours probably on the engine without doing anything.
Photo Feb 25, 6 21 22 PM.jpg

The owner purchased this beautiful IV-P from the original owner, Jim Malach, in 2011 and has flown it since. Most of his trips were to Florida and back but that mission has changed and it is time for another airplane. I heard a Pitts mentioned. I'm sure it will be a sad day when it goes away after flying for so many years and the obvious care it has been getting.

The instrument panel was built 2 inches forward to accommodate bigger pilots. That is a "plus".

The owner reports that other respected Lancair builders describe the build as "elegant". Shane has flown 89GG for 1000 hours now and reports is has been a delight to own and fly. I do hear that from a lot of owners who do proper maintenance and take care of the details.
It is an amazing airplane that flies at 250KTAS at FL230 and 16.6 GPH. The pressurization system works flawlessly. The A/C system keeps the cabin nice and cool on any day below 100F. The engine has about 200 hours since a complete Barrett overhaul and is smooth and fast. I am frequently asked by controllers if I am a jet or turboprop. You can upgrade the panel and fix a few cosmetic issues and have a new airplane or just fly it as it is now.

Some engine shots:

I've looked at the cosmetics and it involves some leading edge chips and I'm making arrangements to have that addressed at a shop (when we can find one not booked out Brad!). Whatever you decide we will get it looking pretty and new as soon as we get it into a shop.

Here are some specifics to chew on.
  • 1384TT and 194 SMOH
  • Barrett did the last SMOH at $80,000! Ouch but you have a terrific engine for many years now
  • Condition Inspection 4/1/20
  • Air conditioning
  • excellent pressurization system
  • Garmin GNS-530W
  • SL-30
  • Tru-Trak autopilot with GPSS
  • Advanced Angle of Attack
  • Lancair Avionics panel and wiring (this is one of those rock-solid panels built by Lancair Avionics)
  • Instrument panel moved forward 2 inches for more pilot room
  • Location: KS
[*] [more features to come but I have to wash two dogs tonight....--admin]
Here are some inflight shots

Some panel shots:

Some shots of the airframe and you can see some cosmetic issues on the leading edges and those will be corrected along with any worn items as soon as we book a shop. Don't let that stop you from making a move because it probably won't be on the market very long.

Coming: Prop, manuals, logbooks, W&B. If you have questions while this ad is being constructed just send a PM or email or reply here.
Photo Feb 22, 6 39 53 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 22, 6 32 40 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 22, 6 25 30 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 22, 6 25 21 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 22, 6 25 17 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 22, 6 24 53 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 22, 6 24 44 PM.jpg

Re: WTS: Lancair IV-P N89GG $329,900

Sat Apr 10, 2021 4:45 pm

Additional construction and build manuals available with this IV-P.
Photo Feb 23, 8 30 25 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 23, 8 30 14 AM.jpg
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