WTS: Stunning Legacy, Barrett, Bronze Lindy winner

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WTS: Stunning Legacy, Barrett, Bronze Lindy winner

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Tue Sep 07, 2021 1:22 am

Legacy RG Dec. 2007 791 hours TT $289,900

specifications are still be finalized.

Insurance: Do not call your broker before discussing any Lancair with LancairTalk. Do not call Gallagher, Falcon, Avemco, Sky Smith or any other aviation insurance broker until you are informed of the consequences.

Training: Purchase requires transition training. Seller provides accommodation for buyer and CFI and will offet some or all of the training costs subject to the requirements of the buyer. The annual condition inspection and pre-buy can be done at the same time with the buyer. Call for more details.

  • Barrett Continental IO550N 540 hours, stock compression (with iron insert aluminum pistons to more closely match expansion/contraction of the cylinders)
  • One Surefly ignition, one recently rebuilt Slick mag
  • Continental flow matched injectors
  • Andair air/oil separator with catch tank
  • K&N air filter with spare
  • Carefully sealed baffling
  • LORD updated engine mounts (solves vibration problem)
  • B&C secondary alternator
  • 2 B&C voltage regulators
    Claudette taxi,  (2).jpg
  • Skytec ST5 starter
  • McCauley prop governor (improves engine at idle decent at 120 knots from 1500 FPM with Hartzell to 910 FPM), with Hartzell Scimitar 3 blade prop
  • Engine mount mod for Nose Gear Hydraulic Cylinder mount then stripped of powder coat and repainted to avoid PC hiding cracks.
  • Main and nose gear updated and overhauled by Riese
  • Three Panasonic 20 amp RG Batteries replaced tbd
  • Static System check tbd
  • Spinner to cowl minimum gap and aligned
  • Very tight Baffling (no cooling problems ever)
  • Aluminum baffling clear anodized
  • Gascolator drain access thru cowling
  • Exhaust system never cracked or repaired
  • Cowling secured with screws and nutplates (no hinge pin bulging)
  • Cowling inlets extended
  • Oil door release inside left air inlet
  • NACA inlet vents are precisely shaped for maximum efficiency.
  • All antenna mounts have external copper X ground planes
  • Tight, uniform gap canopy fit with automatic seal inflator. Canopy easily opened from the outside without finger holds.
  • Two additional canopy guide/retainers
  • Kevlar retracting canopy leash
  • Koger canopy sun shade
  • Canopy lock behind outside lever.
  • Seat back hatches for easy access.
  • Seats are Oregon Aero temper foam with vinyl cover and removable back rest inserts.
  • Amsafe 5 point rotary seat, shoulder, crotch belts with shoulder retractors
  • Quick attach inside cockpit sun shade
  • Battery maintainer plugs behind right backrest cushion.
  • Mtn. High O2D2 dual oxygen outlet molded in behind fuel selector valve for visibility, access and hose storage in arm rest.
  • Overhead hinged rudder pedals for more foot room and lighter weight.
  • Hidden starter disable switch.
  • Precise Flight HID wig wag recognition/landing lights.
  • Backup Handheld Nav/Com plugs into belly antenna.
  • AFS AOA Pro Angle of Attack
  • Annunciation lights - primary alt., secondary alt., engine warn, cross tie, boost pump, hydraulic pump
  • Dimmers - annunciation lights, instruments, avionics, engine monitor
  • Dual Chelton EFIS linked to autopilot
  • Airspeed indicator 3 1/8
  • TruTrak Attitude Indicator 3 1/8
  • Altimeter 3 1/8
  • Heated Pitot
  • Guardian Avionics carbon monoxide detector
  • LED gear lights
  • PS Engineering audio panel, intercom, marker beacon, stereo, cell phone connect
  • Lynx NGT-9000 ADSB In/Out https://www.l3harris.com/sites/default/ ... iation.pdf xx xx
  • Garmin SL30 nav/com
  • TruTrak Sorcerer two axis autopilot
    Ei MVP-50 engine monitor with gear hydraulic pressures
  • Garmin portable GPS bracket
  • Artex ME406 ELT
  • Mount for iPad Mini
  • Tosten stick grip with pitch/roll trim, PTT, autopilot disconnect and spare switches
  • LED luggage and instrument panel eyeball lights
  • Tilt out storage box behind left seat
  • Headset outlets behind right seat both Bose and standard plugs including headset holder
  • Emergency exit rear window with quick pull pins
  • Legacy Innovations fairings on wing roots, flap brackets, trim push rods and horiz. stab.
  • Whelen strobes and nav lights faired in wing tips
  • Elevator counter weights (tungsten) rounded and ends recessed for drag/ice reduction
  • Flaps, elevator, rudder gaps uniform and narrow, main gear door seal
  • Mountain High carbon fiber oxygen tank with gauge, located in left wing D section.
  • Fuel tank sealer applied under Hydraulic pump, under seats and in gear wells for easy leak/spill clean up.
  • Steve Green PPG clear coat paint, many show winning Lancair paint jobs
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Reason: added some specs, pre-buy, artex.
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Re: WTS: Coming Soon. Stunning Legacy, Barrett, OSH winner

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Tue Sep 07, 2021 10:09 pm

Some shots for this wonderful Legacy. There is so much attention to everything in this Legacy. Someone will be lucky to get this Lancair Legacy RG. We'll help you arrange transition training at the seller's location including accommodation and instructor. Fly away with the plane having completed full transition training. It doesn't get any better than that. We'll also help obtain insurance but don't shoot yourself in the foot by calling brokers first. Talk to us first. That call to LancairTalk is free. The broker call can cost you any chance of getting coverage.

DO NOT CALL GALLAGHER if you are interested in this Legacy. Enough said.
2021-08-28 19.24.11_copy.jpg
2021-08-28 19.26.43_copy.jpg
2021-09-02 20.44.48_copy.jpg
2021-09-02 20.45.22_copy.jpg
2021-09-02 20.46.45_copy.jpg
2021-09-02 21.19.56_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 08.26.35_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.28.29_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.28.51_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.29.07_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.30.08_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.30.23_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.30.40_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.31.04_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.31.22_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.31.53_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.32.04_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.41.19_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.44.33_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 19.52.19_copy.jpg
2021-09-03 20.12.50_copy.jpg
S. Colwell - 5EEC3243-376E-4A56-97A5-C54D568A2D71_copy.jpg
S. Colwell - 5FC0926E-E84E-4E47-8946-3EE7A5BB845E_copy.jpg
S. Colwell - 9FBBD56B-64E6-4EC6-80AD-4888406BD97C_copy.jpg
S. Colwell - EA6CBDF4-917D-4FE2-AA6A-8FAB3D40937A_copy.jpg
S. Colwell - F4937612-4020-4F72-AA53-FFE5D7102355_copy.jpg
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LancairTalk Sales
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Re: WTS: Stunning Legacy, Barrett, Bronze Lindy winner

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Thu Sep 09, 2021 10:49 pm

More times and specifications for this Legacy. I'm getting a lot of inquiries. Its a good time to market a Legacy. There are not many like this one for sale.

  • Surefly ignition and rebuild the Slick mag 783.7
  • Skytec ST5 starter 738.7
  • 3 Panasonic 20 amp RG Batteries 5-14-20
  • Static system check 786.19
  • Lynx NGT 9000 ADSB in & out, TXP with traffic display and link to iPad Foreflight
  • Prop balanced 783.7

  • Hidden hinge dipstick door
  • On the wing walk cushion
  • Lancair tow bar
  • Zavatson carbon fiber light weight tow bar
  • Tempest oil filter
  • K&N air filter
  • Mountain High carbon fiber O2 bottle with gauge and regulator with gauge
  • Pilot Operating Handbook and Airplane Flight Manual
  • Oil quick drain
  • Fuel cap
  • Rudder gust lock
  • Pitot cover
  • Gear indicator micro switch
  • Autopilot servo shear screws
  • Gear pump relay
  • Container with tie down rings
  • Jack point pins
  • Cockpit cover
  • Canopy locator pins (fore and aft)
  • Autopilot roll servo, AOA flap position cam on flap torque tube, floor painted with fuel tank sealer
  • Secondary battery, ELT, relays
  • Relays, Hydraulic pump, pump relays, primary batteries
  • Upper cowl, oil door release, extended air inlets, painted with fuel tank sealer
  • Lower cowl painted with fuel tank sealer and lined with heat shield
  • Prop blades, no dings, back side paint chips
  • Gear wells painted with fuel tank sealer
  • Precise Flight speed brakes
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Re: WTS: Stunning Legacy, Barrett, Bronze Lindy winner

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Fri Sep 17, 2021 11:02 pm

Copies of logs.
S. Colwell - 0BE0914B-AEB4-4D91-BCD9-6CF610BAFD1F.jpeg
S. Colwell - 0E858FFF-6F1C-406B-B82C-CA0ECCCFABCD.jpeg
S. Colwell - 1BD47D91-1C8B-4EFF-95CB-CED7B9354C18.jpeg
S. Colwell - 1DB0A2A5-D2F7-4107-9477-DD42E08089C6.jpeg
S. Colwell - 4F2185AF-9145-4FCE-A9D6-129BFAA21CD0.jpeg
S. Colwell - 5F7B997B-3348-443C-983D-E6F174E64750.jpeg
S. Colwell - 5FACACE5-887B-4279-B78F-B3780A981BE1.jpeg
S. Colwell - 58F4DD0B-5D85-44CA-8391-2F0CE2154320.jpeg
S. Colwell - 5613EF9C-3EB9-4040-AE6F-09D2ABB8970D.jpeg
S. Colwell - 6402161A-7725-49E8-91D3-2E703908E6EB.jpeg
S. Colwell - A865516F-046C-4AB0-9069-CE2860E7BA42.jpeg
S. Colwell - AA33CA7C-0A20-4CEF-BF85-2C1C8064C22F.jpeg
S. Colwell - C191E01A-0686-4552-ABB0-CC3B85973425.jpeg
S. Colwell - D5B18E3A-3120-407C-A876-44AFAC14BBA3.jpeg
S. Colwell - F06D2B35-0BC1-4D15-82D2-9E8CB1C44281.jpeg
S. Colwell - F3133567-B042-4259-978C-E8308FC8F1AB.jpeg
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