WTS: Spectacular 360 coming to Market--get on the list

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WTS: Spectacular 360 coming to Market--get on the list

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Mon Apr 24, 2023 4:40 pm

The 2-seat Lancairs are in high demand. Unbeatable speed and efficiency, great prices and great airframes that never get old. LancairTalk is assisting on a terrific 360 that is now available for sale. The list of people looking for this model is extensive so when we receive a refundable deposit then that person has first crack at inspection and purchase. Here are the quick facts and pages more are coming so call/email now:

1) It is fast
2) Well maintained

3) Tons of features and spares
4) Dynon plus Garmin, IFR.

5) Tons of upgrades.

6) Location is Seattle area.
7) Training can/will be arranged.
8) Insurance--DO NOT CALL A BROKER FOR A LANCAIR before contacting LancairTalk. You've been warned.
9) It is fast!
10) FF 7.7gph lean of peak, 200kts true @15,000.
11) 210kts true almost any altitude under 9000’
12) Empty=1194#. Max gross=1900#. Useful Load=706#. Useful load with full fuel=376#
13) Range over 1000 NM with reserves
14) Listing price USD$188,900

A full list of specs and pictures and scans is being prepared for you to view. If you are looking for a fast 360 please email or call and get on the list. The spec sheet is three pages and it is going to be a few more hours to process everything.

We will send the data to early interests and work the list in priority received and then go to the public listings in a few days. The preliminary specs are extensive and this is a premium airplane with lots of features and well-maintained. You know the drill and here is how we work:

1) Get all the digital data and answers you want. Anything missing we will get for you.
2) If you think this is the Lancair for you, we'll prepare an offer and you make a refundable deposit.
3) You get to inspect.
4) If you want to proceed you buy. If not, deposit returned and we go to the next person.

All funds are processed by fed wire through Aerotitle in escrow.

Register your interest if you want to get first crack at the listing before going externally to the public.

Good luck. Don't hesitate. Email or call and get on the list. There is no risk other than missing out.
Call for more information or email sales@lancairtalk.net
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Re: WTS: Spectacular 360 coming to Market--get on the list

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Tue Apr 25, 2023 10:14 am

More pictures coming later today.

Specifications(1) from the owner for this spectacular Lancair. When reviewing, start adding up how much it would cost to add those items such as EI, lights, custom cam and engine work, Berringer wheels/brakes, paint, avionics and more. The list here is incredibly detailed. We already have a waiting list to review the data and digital data. Call or email to get on the list. Inquiries are handled in order received.

  • 2012 Lancair 360 N360GC SN 289-320-51
  • New empty weight 1194#
  • Max gross 1900#
  • 706# useful load
  • 376# useful load with full fuel
  • Range over 1000 NM with reserves

  • 4/13/2023 Tach time 641.5
  • Airframe total 641.5
  • SMOH 289.5
  • Prop 289.5

  • Have a jack setup available with the plane
  • Beringer tire tool and brake bleed kit
  • Spare hyd pump
  • Co-pilot rudder pedals (removed but included).
  • spare tire.
  • Over $1000 of embroidered polo shirts, printed tees, stickers and an instagram account with over 750 followers.
  • The Dingo logo and artwork will transfer with sale.

Race Performance:
  • Reno 2016
  • Qualifying speed - 236.500mph
  • Heat 1 - 239.679mph
  • Heat 2 - 239.032mph
  • Bronze class race - 237.010mph, 5th place
  • Reno 2017
  • Qualifying speed - 238.316mph
  • Heat 1 - 238.114mph
  • Heat 2 - 233.018mph
  • Heat 3 - 234.605mph
  • Bronze class race - DNF

Typical Cruise Data:
  • 15,000’, 7.7gph lean of peak, 200kts true.
  • Max speeds typically 210kts true under 9000’

  • 2 Dynon 8” HDX screens (installed April 2023) with backup batteries
  • Dynon ADAHRS
  • Remote transponder
  • Remote radios
  • ADS-B in/out
  • 2 axis autopilot with Dynon autopilot panel
  • Dynon Wi-Fi (will talk to ForeFlight, send data to ForeFlight, share flight plans back and forth)
  • PM4000 audio panel
  • UAvionix AV-30e for backup
  • Garmin GPS175 IFR certified WAAS navigator
  • iPad mini panel mounted
  • 2 axis electric trim on the sticks
  • Ray Allen trim relays and servos
  • All avionics software updated
  • Installed 2020 compliant Dynon GPS antenna, FAA ADS-B confirmed functional
  • Upgraded Dynon ADS-B receiver
  • Upgraded iPad mini in panel
  • Integrated Wi-Fi in Dynon system
  • Dynon aural alerts transmit through audio panel
  • Programmed weight and balance into Dynon tools
  • Added aircraft checklists to Dynon tools
  • Replaced autopilot pitch servo
  • Compass calibration for Dynon ADAHRS
  • Installed Garmin GPS175 and Dynon ARINC 429 to communicate with Dynon
  • IFR cert current (pitot-static-transponder)
  • New ELT installed
  • Two new Dynon remote radios installed
  • Removed round dial backup airspeed and altimeter, Installed AV-30e digital precision attitude and directional gyro (customizable display)
  • Updated one Dynon backup battery
  • New Dynon autopilot panel installed
  • added panel lighting for night flight
  • added dimmer rheostat for gear lights
  • Upgraded two new Dynon HDX screens

  • gap seals
  • New wingtip lenses
  • AeroLED nav/strobe lights installed
  • aileron trim
  • pitot heat
  • Polished carbon fiber spinner
  • carpet in baggage compartment
  • Rebuilt all 3 gear hyd cylinders and upgraded to Chris Z end caps
  • Rebuilt nose gear door hyd cylinder
  • nose gear tunnel updated with carbon, gear reinstalled with all new hardware
  • Fabricated and installed new hydraulic lines for nose gear
  • New negative battery cable installed
  • Replaced master solenoid
  • Fabricated new hinge for left hand inner gear door
  • Installed solid state gear controller
  • Updated nose gear drag link
  • Replaced nose gear fork with later model of thicker material
  • Replaced main gear drag links and springs
  • Installed new landing gear legs
  • Installed new TK-5 shocks
  • Installed Beringer wheels and brakes, master cylinders, new brake lines, ALIR system
  • Rigged gear and gear doors (+8kt speed increase)
  • Replaced rudder cables, removed co-pilot pedals at this time
  • Replaced hard drive in Dynon SkyView screen (Dynon repair)
  • Overhauled hyd pump and removed to keep as spare, new hyd pump (Chris Z built) installed
  • Added wig-wag function to landing lights
  • Installed AeroLED lights in wingtips as recognition lights with wig-wag function
  • New hydraulic dump valve installed
  • New weight and balance
  • Replaced elevator trim servo and rod
  • Overhauled nose strut
  • total time 641.5
  • Small tail airframe (Mk I tail)
  • Electric elevator trim added (removed bungee spring system)
  • flap cusps modified (race mod)
  • EarthX ETX-900 battery
  • New style Legacy canopy with forward hinge and Legacy latch mechanism
  • Canopy sun shade
  • Oregon Aero seats
  • Cockpit mounted fire extinguisher in arm rest
  • Arm rest storage under extinguisher

  • complete oil analysis
  • Installed alternate air intake
  • SMOH 289.5
  • Dynamically balanced prop
  • Complied with SB for magneto switch and replaced with new
  • Replaced electric boost pump with overhauled unit
  • IO-360A1A built by Terry Capehart and Ultimate Engines in Mena Arkansas
  • All engine parts Cryogenically treated
  • 10:1 compression
  • Channel matched con rods
  • 200 HP crank shaft
  • Special ground cam
  • Cylinders nickel plated and ported and flowed for 2800 rpm
  • turbo rod bolts
  • New forged Cyls with 004 choke and machined for oil cooling
  • GO-480 piston pins with alum plugs
  • matched valve spring pressures, balanced bleed down rate on lifter hyd units
  • Rocker arms matched for all same lift, etc. valve clearance set correct for smoother operation
  • Pistons balanced with all parts installed
  • Dual E-Mag electronic ignition
  • EI Commander (electronic ignition controller) wired but head unit removed from panel (unit included with sale)
  • NGK auto plugs with 18mm-14mm adapters
  • Airflow performance FM200 with alternate air y-tube installed with filter
  • Superior cold air intake
  • Lightweight Sky Tech starter
  • Sky Dynamics magnesium flywheel
  • Sky Dynamics magnesium head girdles
  • Crankshaft dampener
  • 60A alternator mounted to accessory case

  • 289.5 hours
  • 2 Blade 68" Hartzell HC-F2YR-1F/F7068-2
  • Chris Z carbon fiber spinner and backplate
  • Dynamically balanced to .05 ips

Fuel System:
  • 10 gallon header tank
  • Wing capacity: 22.5 gallons each
  • 55 gallons total
  • Dual facet pumps
  • No autofill
  • No fuel selector

Additional data:
Folder with 4.5GB of data, manuals, photos, videos and all FAA background paperwork

(1) All data is provided by the owner. E&OE. We try to provide enough digital data so you can make your purchase decision but always verify everything during inspection and do your own analysis and perform proper due diligence with all aircraft purchases. All times are estimates and subject to change and verification. This aircraft is offered for sale and may be sold, withdrawn or otherwise be unavailable without notice. Contact LancairTalk sales for more details on this aircraft or to make an offer. All offers are in writing and must be accepted by the owner and require a verified deposit held in escrow with Aerotitle. Deposits are refundable subject to the terms of the offer between buyer and seller.
Call for more information or email sales@lancairtalk.net
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Re: WTS: Spectacular 360 coming to Market--get on the list

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Sat May 20, 2023 8:23 pm

Here is a downloadable brochure (click the PDF file to download) to send to friends or post on your airport wall. LancairTalk pays gift certificates for items you want such as avionics or AircraftSpruce parts or whatever you need for your Lancair. Send us a referrals that end up with a sale and we will get you more than a hat. Make sure to let us know so we can tag the person as your referral. Thanks and good luck on this beautiful Lancair.
2023-05-20 18_20_48-AsPowerBar.png
Lancair 360 (2).pdf
(5.36 MiB) Downloaded 28 times
Call for more information or email sales@lancairtalk.net
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Re: WTS: Spectacular 360 coming to Market--get on the list

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Mon May 22, 2023 4:57 pm

We posted this short video on Instagram. This airplane is getting terrific views on the internet and someone is going to get a terrific Lancair. Enjoy the short and sweet clips from Reno.
Call for more information or email sales@lancairtalk.net
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