WTS: IV-PT with Garrett

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WTS: IV-PT with Garrett

Postby LancairTalk Sales » Wed Jun 01, 2022 11:07 pm

June 01, 2022. Coming to market soon. We are gathering specifications for this IV-PT built and certified in Canada with a Garrett -6 and G900X/G3X combined panel. Call for to get on the list for a full set of digital data to review. All data is preliminary and specifications are subject to verification. Times and cycles are not current and need to be updated and verified. this is preliminary data for an aircraft being prepared for sale.

  • Lancair IV-P with Garrett TPE331-6 840 hp turbine engine
  • XXX hours total time airframe since new to be uipdated
  • Empty Weight: 2602 lbs.
  • Gross Weight: 4400 lbs.
  • Total Fuel Capacity: 146 US Gal.

  • TSO: 4266.2
  • CSO: 4491
  • First stage turbine rotor TSN: 1943.1 CSN:1575 Time remaining: 4125 cycles
  • Second Stage turbine rotor TSN: 3063.4 CSN: 4300 Time remaining:1100 cycles
  • Third stage turbine rotor TSN: 2138.0 CSN:2282 Time remaining: 1318 cycles
  • AD 2016-18-17 second stage impeller limited to 11,500 cycles since November 4, 2016

  • Garmin G900X Dual screen EFIS
  • Garmin G3X GDU470 Backup EFIS
  • Vertical Power VP200 Full Aircraft Management System
  • TruTrak Sorcerer Autopilot 2 axis
  • VR Avionics Engine Monitor with Garrett engine auto start system
  • Cabin Pressure Differential Indicator (UMA)
  • Cabin Pressure Rate Controller (Dukes)
  • Artex 406/121.5 ELT with GPS positioning
  • ADSB

  • Pressurized cabin
  • Cabin Air Conditioning with cabin temperature monitoring
  • Firewall forward fire suppression system
  • Full aircraft de-ice system (prop, wing, horizontal and vertical leading edges)
  • Brakes are dual caliper on each main wheel
  • Emergency O2 with Quick donning masks
  • Fire extinguisher in cabin
  • Front seats are adjustable front to back and reclining
  • Retractable step for easier access to the cabin
2009 Lancair IV-PT Garrett ramp.png
Call for more information or email sales@lancairtalk.net
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